quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

No Ordinary Dream

Late one night,
in a deep dark sleep,
my grandparents house appears,
the whole family is laughing,
I'm watching you so closely, so intently,
the first time seeing you smile,
since i lost you five years ago.

i whisper out loud,
you look over at me,
telling me to come with you into the backyard,
can't help but stare,
feeling this feel real,
questioning am I seeing things,
how can you look so flawlessly.

Drawing me in closer,
swearing on my life this has happened before,
you tell me how much you love & miss me,
wish that you could go to Oregon with me,
that moment knowing,
this isn't a dream,
but you're actually visiting me,
as I tell you I love you more then anything.

The stars light up the night sky,
standing on the edge of the Jacuzzi,
looking down at your brilliant smile,
focusing on every single detail,
your twinkling green eyes,
long flowing red hair,
taking in every second of being with you,
knowing this may be your last visit.

Waking up bawling my eyes out,
missing her more then anything,
regretting every second not spent with her,
never knew lost loved ones could come see you,
I knew this wasn't some mind trick,
you really came,
letting me know that you're okay,
telling me how much you miss me,
wanting you back more then anything,
I knew this wasn't no ordinary dream.

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