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American Love Stories

Tanya and James Fight

Last night we were all hanging out at Mike’s house when all the sudden 
( derepente)Tanya and James got in a fight. They were yelling at each other so loud it was crazy. It all started when James got a text from another girl. Tanya asked who the text was from, but James would not tell her. Later, when James was in the bathroom, Tanya started going through his phone and saw that the text James got was from another girl. 

When he got back from the bathroom Tanya started freaking out at him, saying that he should not even have other girls’ numbers on his phone. She totally caught James off guardand he did not really know what to say. They fought for like 20 minutes until finally James just got pissed and left. 

But today it sounds like Tanya and James are going to make up. They have been texting today, and apparently Tanya said she was sorry for overreacting. I think everything will be OK. Tanya was just being dramatic.

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