sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

English in My Life

When my teacher said "good morning" to me on the very first day of school, I knew that she would be teaching a tough subject. She didn't get any answer for that greeting because back then, I knew nothing about "good morning". Surprisingly, as I went through the class session on that day, I realized that "good morning" wasn't the first English phrase that I'd known. English has been rooted in my society long before my country achieved its independence and shockingly I've used some of its words in my daily speech without realizing it because the words were fully modified by the society so that they could be installed smoothly into our language.
Learning English was always an interesting yet tough
 experiencefor me. English did attract my attention and    
Iby rosimary lam so excited to learn.....by Rosimary 

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