sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Love Story:Get a heart!

One night a guy and girl were driving home 
from the movies. The boy sensed there was
 something wrong because of the painful
 silence they shared between them that night.
 The girl then asked the boy to pull over
 because she wanted to talk. She told him that
 her feelings had changed and that it was time to move on.
A silent tear slid down his cheek as he slowly

 reached into his pocket and passed her a

 folded note. At that moment, a drunk driver

was speeding down that very same street. He

 swerved right into the drivers seat, killing
the boy.
Miraculously, the girl survived. Remembering
 the note, she pulled it out and read it.

” Without your love, I would die.”;(

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