domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2012

Happy New Year

oi galera to passando para desejar um feliz ano novo que 2012 seja cheio de paz alegria , e que o seu o meu o nosso inglêsmelhore cada vez mais rs.

May the new yearBring these wishes
to all of you
Warmth of love, comfort of home
Joy for your children,
Company and support of family n friends
A caring heart that accepts
N treats all human beings equally
Enrichment of knowledge n
Richness of diversity
Courage to seek n speak the truth
Even if it means standing alone
Hopes n dreams of a just world n
The desire to make it happen
A light to guide your path
Helping hands to strengthen unity
Serenity n peace within your mind,
Heart n soul
Food for thought n soul
A hand to hold

2012 is Coming! Before 2011 Ends,
Let Me Thank all the Good People like U,
Who made '2011' so much Beautiful 4 Me.
I Pray U be Blessed with Faithful Years Ahead.
I wish You a
Fantastic JANUARY
Love able FEBRUARY
Marvelous MARCH
Fool less APRIL
Enjoyable MAY
Successful JUNE
Wonderful JULY
Independent AUGUST
Tastiest OCTOBER
Beautiful NOVEMBER
Have a VICTORIOUS '2012'

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