domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

Poems in english

I have to finish the chores
I fly to the store
Milly made dirty floor
I will not clean it

I want to play
I want go to the store
The way far away
Anymore dry the floor


Neve more
I will cut onions
When I cut onions
I cry
Bye cut onions
This is play time
And I go away

Dry the dishes for fun
I try to run away
in the same way
But I have to make it done

I live in a stone
My father is alone
My work is done
And this is my life
I try to buy
But I don't have money
At store 
I take a buterfly

My feet are on the floor
My head is on the moon
Far away in the sky
The way my soul
Fly high
Without saying "good bye"

I fly to the sky
And I say good bye
Because I don't care
To clean I try
I try to find the way
But I don't stop to play
That's why
I don't  go far away

I cry
I try
To live a life
I spy the time
To never say
Good bye

My Family
My sister crys  
Why Why Why?
My dad is a spy 
Why Why Why?
My mom says  bye 
Why Why Why?
My brother tries 
Why Why Why?

Why do you cry
Do not stop to try
Playing everyday
Because to play
Is to run away

I like the sun
I don't like to cry
I like fun
I don't like good bye
You will be mine
I will leave you to the sky
And I will not cry
If you say good bye

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