terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

The best english quotes

The best quotes in life are the quotes you create yourself or quotes that you are inspired by. Be it song lyrics, storybook, movies, script, conversation,etc .. They can affect you directly or indirectly and they are found 
anywhere and everywhere.

Happiness is to be found
along the way, not at the end
of the road, for then the journey
is over and it is too late. Today,
this hour, this minute is the day,
the hour, the minute for each of
us to sense the fact that life is
good, with all of its trials and
troubles, and perhaps more
interesting because of them.
Robert R. Updegraff

There is a light that shines beyond all
things on earth, beyond the highest, the very
highest heavens. This is the light that
shines in your heart.

Chandoggya Upanishad

I know that I AM a beautiful BEING of Light
I AM grateful to ALL that I have BEEN, DONE and WILL BE in this and all other lifetimes
I AM strong, courageous and fully alive
I AM the energy of Light
I Am fulfilling my destiny by BEING here on the earth
I AM my higher self in every moment
I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Divine Order
I Am Loved beyond measure

Freedom is just an other word
for nothing left to loose.-------Janis Joplin

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Nathacha disse...

Super interessante! já está salvo em meus favoritos para poder aprender um pouco de inglês!

Mandy Anita disse...

Adorei o blog!
To precisando muito treinar meu inglês...
Tô te seguindo =D

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