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LABOR DAY - dia do trabalho

oi pessoal, por ter sido em um domingo quase não lembrava de falar sobre o dia do trabalho 1º de maio...que foi ontem então vou deixar um texto em english sobre o labor day...
hi guys, having been on a Sunday almost did not remember talking about the Labor Day May 1 ... that was yesterday so I'll leave a textInglês on labor day ...


Labor Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world. It originated from the eight-hour day movement in the nineteenth century. Labor unions called for eight hours for work, eight hours for play, and eight hours for sleep. It then became a reason for workers to celebrate their social and economic progress in the early twentieth century. Today, people are happy it is a day off work and perhaps forget the origins of this important holiday. Most countries celebrate this day on May 1. In some countries it is called May Day and in others it is known as International Workers’ Day. More and more countries are moving the day to the first Monday in May, so people get a three-day weekend.
People around the world celebrate Labor Day in different ways. In China it marked the beginning of a seven-day holiday called Golden Week. People from all over the country traveled to their hometowns or visited resorts. However, in 2008, the Chinese government went back to the single public holiday. Indians have celebrated Labour Day since May 1, 1927. There are many festivals and processions organized by different labour organizations and people fill the streets for huge parties. Italians celebrate the day with a huge, free music concert in Rome. Up to one million people attend the spectacular. For most people, it is a chance to enjoy the nice weather and have a picnic with family, friends and co-workers.


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Marcos Leonel disse...

Como devo fazer para traduzir para a Língua Portuguesa o texto sobre o dia do trabalho? Você pode me ajudar?

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