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phrases by english on my own.

Donna: You sound like you're having fun already. 
Lisa: Oh, we are! 
Donna: [woefully] I used to have fun! 
Ali: Oh, we *know*! 
[Donna looks worried] 

Sophie: Um... I've invited my dad to my wedding.
Ali: You found him?
Sophie: No no no no no no! Not exactly. 

Donna: Wh-wh what are you all doing here?
Bill: I'm writing a travel piece.
Harry Bright: I- I'm on a spontaneous holiday.
Sam Carmichael: I-I-I I just dropped in to say... hi. 

Sophie: Do you think I'm letting you down? (Você acha que eu vou deixar você para baixo)
Donna: Why would you even think that? 
Sophie: Oh because, of what you've done! I mean the Dynamos, raising a kid and running a business all on your own... 
Donna: Honey, I didn't have a choice. I couldn't go home. When I got pregnant, my mother told me not to bother coming back. And I wouldn't have had it any other way! My God, look at what we've had! 

Sam Carmichael: Hold on! You're saying I might be Sophie's father, but she might be Bill's or Harry's?
Donna: Yes and don't get self righteous with me...
Sophie: Yeah if you hadn't left my mother to go off and get married!
Sam Carmichael: I had to go. I was engaged. But I couldn't do it and I came right back!
Donna: Wha... why... What... Why didn't you call me?
Sam Carmichael: Because I was stupid enough to think you would be waiting for me. But when I got there they told me you were off with some other guy. 

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture
And save it from the funny tricks of time
Slipping through my fingers -
Às vezes eu queria poder congelar a imagem
E salvá-la dos truques engraçados do tempo
Escorregamento através dos meus dedos -

Sky: [talking about Sam, Bill, and Harry] You invited these guys and you didn't tell me?
Sophie: No! I thought you would - you would try to stop me. I *know* I messed up...
Sky: Sophie... is this what this whole big white wedding was about? You finding your dad?
Sophie: No, no!
Sky: I wanted to take a boat to the mainland with a couple of
witnesses(testemunhas) and you *insisted* on this sodding circus so you could play happy family. 
Sophie: It's about knowing who I am and-and I wanted to get married knowing who I am!
Sky: That doesn't come from finding your father. That comes from finding yourself. And... the irony is I was travelling to find *myself*. I put everything on hold for you because I loved you and I thought I wanted what you wanted... and now I just don't know.
Sophie: You don't know if you love me.

Sky: Of course I *love* you, I just wish you'd told me! 
donna: what are you doing here , sam?
sam: this is our dream remenber?
villa on the island.
donna: yeah well this is my reality,hard work and a crippling mortgage(grande divida, hipoteca),shoot
and a hotel thats crumbling ( desintegração)around me.
sam: look, .. let me have a look at this...
donna: no, thats all right, i can deal my own desasters.
sam: why didnt you tell me it was sophie getting married?
donna: well, i didnt think it was any of your business.

thats is what you have for today....

the end

by/ english on myown

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