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6 Things We Can't Live Without

All of us have things that are important in our lives even a newborn baby has an important thing in his/her life that cannot live without especially when a person is growing and getting older. Some people need few things and some people need a lot to live and continue his/her life in this world.
Our feet are already standing in this world, so what else do we need to live?
I list down the most important things I can't live without which most of you would agree.
1. Food
We are human beings and food is the number one necessity of us. It started since we were a fetus. We need our mother to eat so that she can support us to grow inside her womb. Until the day we were born, we need food particularly, milk for us to live and grow. Even we are sleeping, we would wake up just to eat food and satisfy our stomach. Food is a necessity because we always get hungry and we work to earn money that one of the reasons is to have something buy food.
2. Money
Why we need money? Is there anyone doesn't need money?
Money is a token to buy what we need in our day to day living. When we like to eat food, we have to buy it. Even that we have some trees that bear fruits, plants like vegetables that are planted, animals that are raising at our backyard and a neighbor or relatives that are supporting us in terms of food, we still need money to buy what we like to eat other than what we have.
Aside from this, we need money for other expenses like clothes, shoes, luxuries, etc. We need money when we get ill so that we can seek medical treatment. Last, maybe we need money to buy love.
3. Shelter
Everyone dreams of owning a house. In this, we can live and grow. As far as I know, like animals and even birds and insects need shelter where can spend the night to sleep and place in times we need to protect ourselves from sun, rain, snow and autumn. But how big or small do we need a shelter? Well, its up to us of how much we can spend our money for it.
4. Water
Water is life. Who among us do not feel thirsty? The earth compose of 2/3 of water as well as our body needs it. Not only humans need it, also all living things including, animals, plants, fishes, birds, insects, and etc. And do you know even machines need water?
5. Air
Have you ever tried to stop your breath for 30 seconds? Can you stand it? A sufficient air is needed to breathe or else we are going to die.
6. Electricity
We have food, money, shelter, water, and air. So, what else do we need that we cannot live without? We are in a modern times and electricity almost runs everything. How can we cook food without at least an electric stove? How can we survive the cold season without an electric heater? We need a light in our place like fluorescent or bulb that needs electricity to light up. Even in transportations, a fast locomotive runs by electricity and so on and so forth.
These 6 things are going all together and so one of this is missing in our lives might bring to us difficulties in our day to day living.

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