domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011



The new generation

The new generation
Doesn’t have education
There is no reflexion
Only competition

The children are jackass
Because they watch much TV
They sit down their ass
To the bullshits see

In the past the students paid atention
With scary of oppression
They were attacked by the teachers
And did the lesson
But what they really wanted
Was revolution
In the new generation
Books and teachers
Were changed for telecomunication

Don't hold on

The teacher voice is here inside
of my mind
Stop the control and oposition
I need to go out
The born of a new education
Don't hold on
How long?
Just give up the shout
Look at many tears
Tonight many stars
The sky was blue
but it was just so far
It was just so far
Please help my family and friends
Don't hold on
The song can't stop this moment
Don't hold on
Bye bye I'm going to another world
Don't hold on
I didn't care anything
How long?


In the old days the students were weary
Today the students are happy
In the old days the students couldn't talk
Today the students feel easier
In the old days the students read many books
Today the students read web pages
In the old days the teacher was the only who taught
Today the students teach too


The education is not the best
But the only one who has the vocation
Of knowing what today is education
It  was before an opression
Today is entertainment
In the past there weren't reflexion
Today neither action

Education Revolution

The education is our priority
Because only with it
We reach the prosperity
The education without opression
The equilibrated education
Of having respect from both parts

One life, a revolution
Save the freedom of expression
Stop the feel of fear
Let's transform it in respect
Rise your hands for revolution
Save the freedom of expression

The education did not stay break in time
It evoluted and adopted the democracy
Where the teacher and the students
Give their opinions
But due to that revolution
The respect has been lost
And has ocurred the marginalization of education

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