terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011


1-Break out
-if something bad such as a war or disease breaks outit starts
ex:We got married a month before the war broke out.
2-Break in
 -to enter a building by forceespecially in order to steal things
Ex:Someone had broken in through the bedroom window.
3-Break down
-start cryingespecially in public
Ex:People broke down and wept when they heard the news.
4-Break up
-if a relationship breaks upit ends
Ex:The marriage broke up just a few years later.
5-Break off
-if you break a piece off somethingyou remove it from the main part
Ex:Each child broke off a piece of bread.
6-Break through
 to force your way through something that is stopping you from moving forward
Ex:A group of young demonstrators attempted to break through police lines.
7-Break even
if a person or business breaks eventhey neither make a profit nor lose money

8-Break dawn
night breaking through to morning
have you seen twilight series?:D

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