sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

Aconselhamento e encorajamento

lighten up
phr. v. SPOKEN used in order to tell someone not to be so concerned about something
Hey, lighten up, it's only a game!
keep cool
collocation to remain calm, and not nervous, upset, or excited
It's hard to keep cool when your computer freezes.
play it by ear
idiom INFORMAL to decide what to do as things happen, instead of planning anything
We just played it by ear about our holiday; we decided where to visit when we arrived in the town.
stick to your guns
idiom to continue to say or do something although people disagree with you
If people don't like your proposal, you should stick to your guns and finish the presentation.
have a heart
idiom SPOKEN said when you want someone to be nicer or more helpful
Mom, you’re so cruel to make me go to school on such a hot day! Have a heart!
hang in there
idiom INFORMAL to remain determined to succeed although things are not easy
Hang in there, Jun. You'll feel better when you cross the finish line!
cheer up
phr. v. to become happier
Cheer up! Tomorrow's a holiday, and we don't have to work!
go for it
idiom SPOKEN said when you think someone should do or try something
Go for it! Everyone thinks you will succeed.

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