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"Oh, no, late again! And I forgot my cell phone, and I didn't pick up my new glasses, and I have to pay my bills, and I have to work on tomorrow's assignment . . . my life is so hectic! How can I possibly find time to be with my friends?"
"Gee, Alex, why don't you just relax!"
That's good adviceRelaxation is important, but it's not always easy to do. The relaxing effects of exerciseand meditation are well known. Here are some less well-known, but very effective ways to "just relax."

The Nature Connection
Doctors and dentists who have aquariums in their offices have sensed what recent research has confirmed: being near plants and animals can reduce anxiety. When people concentrate on the motion of fish, gaze into a crackling fire, listen to birds, or look up at the stars, their stress levels fall.
Sweet Stress Relief
Recent brain chemistry research suggests that sugar, in moderate amounts, has a calming effect on most adults. A cup of sweetened herbal tea or a cookie will make you feel less stressedExcessive amounts of sugar, however, will make you jumpy and nervous.
Tropical Time Out
Taking a steamy shower is also a good way to relax. Of course, it's better if you can sunbathe on a beautifulbeach! But if you can't escape to a tropical climate, a long, hot bath, shower, or sauna can feel almost as good!

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