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FEEL Expression

feel for someone
phr. v. to care strongly if someone feels bad
Sharzade felt for her cousin, and she stayed with her until she stopped crying.
feel free
collocation SPOKEN used in order to say that you are happy if someone wants to do something
Please feel free to borrow my dictionary any time
feel funny
collocation feel slightly ill
I've been feeling funny ever since I ate that fish..
feel like something
collocation SPOKEN to want to have something
I don't care what we have, but Young-Dae says he feels like Indian food.
feel like doing something
collocation SPOKEN to want to do something
Hannes doesn't have any plans this weekend, so if you feel like doing something, give him a call.
feel out
phr. v. INFORMAL to find out what someone thinks or feels by asking indirectly
You should feel Dad out about using the car this weekend. He wasn't too happy when it got all dirty the last time you used it.

feel up to
phr. v. INFORMAL to feel you can do a particular job or activity
I have lots of energy today, so I feel up to doing some gardening

feel yourself
idiom to feel healthy or happy in the way that you normally do
It took a long time to get over the flu, but I'm finally feeling myself again..

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