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expression with: GET

 get ahead
phr. v. to succeed, especially in your job
She has great business skills, I'm sure that's what helped her to get ahead.
get along
phr. v. to have a friendly relationship with someone or a group of people
Avi gets along well with her cousin. They often hang out on weekends.

get carried away
idiom to feel things so strongly that you are no longer in control of what you do or say
Camille is usually very responsible, but sometimes she gets carried away and behaves like a child.
get going
collocation to make yourself do something or move somewhere more quickly
We'd better get going, or we'll be late

get it
collocation INFORMAL to make sense of something
Stephen just didn't get it when Lola told the joke..

get out of
phr. v. to avoid doing something that you have promised to do or are supposed to do
I've got a meeting at 10:00, but I'll see if I can get out of it.
get over
phr. v. to become healthy again after being sick, or to become happier after an upsetting experience
It took a long time for Nikki to get over losing her job.

get real
idiom SPOKEN used to tell someone not to be stupid, when you think that what they are saying or doing is not sensible or practical
Get real, Julio, you can't run a marathon! You've never run more than five miles!
get through
phr. v. to manage to deal with an unpleasant situation until it is over
I don't know how I got through that terrible interview. They asked such difficult questions!

get it together
idiom to be in control of a situation and do things in an organized and confident way
Of course it's a difficult situation, but you'll just have to get it together and do your best


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