domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011


Because I want to know
What says you when the star has gone
When you have to stop making a wish
Not to do something in your life
But to kill your brain and your dreams

Because I know you will run away
From the pain, the cry, and the scream
Not the smile you have been looking for
Not the life you have been living

And you can hear the clock is ticking
It sounds just too loud
Even the voice of your heart beat
And those whispers
I know how they hurt your ears

I can see you crawling back to your bed
All those smile and dreams worn you out
And every inch of your step
Every mile that you go through
How you wish everything was real

Not even to your heart you want to admit
Because people think you are living in a wonderful life
Because no one hears you cry
Because you don’t want them to know

And here is my favorite part
To actually see you fall
And drag all of your shit to move on
And no one knows if you can make it
And you realize that you’re pretty close to insanity
Talking to yourself
In a broken mirror.

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