domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up 

Wake me up
before you kiss me in my dream.
Wake me up
before I stare at your eyes,
before I believe in your lies again,
in my dream
and only in my dream.
Wake me up
because I work so hard
to expunge you
out of my life,
my equation.
Wake me up
because the pleasure of seeing you,
kissing you,
touching you,
is not worth the pain.

Wake me up because
in sleep I see only you,
in sleep I smell
and taste
and hear
only you
a nightmare exhausted 
but just beginning
when, in dreams
your lips come to
meet mine
too close, too comfortable
wake me up.
These dreams of you
have become horror waiting to play out
pain hidden in the
hands of pleasure
cupped like treasure
and I’m asking
for you
to wake me before you kiss me
in my dreams
because your pleasure
isn’t worth the pain.

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