terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

Santa Claus

Oi pessoal.

Fuçando a net descobri que quem criou a imagem do PAPAI NOEL o velhinho fofinho vestido de vermelho e grande barba foi a Coca Cola...



1930′s to 1960′s

Coca-Cola is often credited for creating the image of the modern Santa Claus as an old, jolly and fat man in a red and white suit. Coca-Cola did invent the red-and-white jolly Santa during the 1930′s, the illustration done by Haddon Sundblom. Before Santa, pretty young women were used to endorse Coca-Cola.
The image of Coca-Cola Santa Claus appeared through their advertisements for three decades. Because of Coca-Cola advertising, the Santa Claus we all know and love today came into being. Before Coca-Cola’s Santa, the image of Santa is somewhat varied, he can be big, small, fat, elf-like, lovable, old, young, etc. He has worn all kinds of suits, even donning a priest’s robe or even huntsman animal skin.

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