domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

expressions with OUT OF.

out of this world
idiom used to emphasize that something is very good, large, impressive etc.
I just went to Maribel's restaurant. It's out of this world!
out of work
collocation unemployed
Josefina has been out of work since her company shut down.

out of the question
collocation used in order to emphasize that what someone wants to do is not permitted
I know you'd like a few days off, but it's out of the question. We have to meet that deadline!

out of the way
collocation in a position that is not preventing anyone from moving, succeeding, etc.
He must be glad Nicola resigned. Now that she's out of the way, I'm sure he'll be promoted soon.

out of sorts
collocation feeling a little angry or unwell
Please don't blame Masako for what she said. She's just feeling out of sorts.

out of place
collocation not in the correct or usual position
That one is different to all the others. It's definitely out of place.

out of it
collocation INFORMAL no longer able to think clearly
I'm really out of it. My flight took twenty-six hours!

out of the blue
idiom when you are not expecting something to happen
Someone sent me flowers out of the blue this morning. I was so surprised!

out of date
collocation no longer useful or modern
That is so out of date! You need a modern computer.

out of control
collocation impossible to guide or direct
The car went out of control and ran into a fence.

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